Separation Membranes

Hydrogen Separation Membranes

Patented, high temperature compatible, stable, high flux and low cost membrane for hydrogen separation.

Carbon Capture

A low-cost 3-in-1 (WGS reaction, H2 separation, and CO enrichment) solution for pre-combustion carbon capture, simultaneously capturing compressed CO2 while producing high purity H2.

Our technology is one-step, modularized and scalable and reduces capital and operating costs.  It can be used in integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) systems and in water-gas-shift and natural gas reforming reactions.  Currently funded by DOE. 

Olefin Separation Membranes

A patented high selectivity, high permeance and low cost membrane for olefin and paraffin separation.  The flexible and durable membrane can be used for one-step separation in propylene recovery and olefin recovery applications.

Propylene Recovery from FCC

The membrane process can be used to separate and purify the propylene in the fluidized-catalytic-cracking (FCC) unit.  Bettergy’s low cost membrane has high selectivity to propylene over propane and other paraffins to provide chemical-grade propylene product.  

Olefin Recovery from Polymerization Process

Monomer losses from polyolefin plant vent streams are of great concern to the petrochemical industry. Bettergy’s membrane technology provides solutions for recovering the valuable monomers with minimum capital cost, footprint, and pay-back time.

Water Purification Membranes

Membranes for the desalination of oilfield and other brines and for the production of potable water from brackish water, grey water and other wastewaters.

Brine Desalination

A high flux membrane unit that desalinates brines from various sources (oilfield brines, hydrofracking flowback, geothermal brines, etc.) and produces highly concentrated, low volume fluids that can be more easily transported and disposed of, or that be used as the feedstock for value-added mineral recovery.  

Wastewater Treatment

A highly efficient and economical membrane system that purifies wastewater, including municipal waste water, grey water and brackish water, to provide drinkable water for communities and in remote areas. 

Oxygen Separation Membranes

A high performance membrane with exceptional selectivity and permeability for enriching oxygen from air.

Oxygen Production

Bettergy’s facilitated oxygen transport membrane technology provides better performance than conventional polymer membranes in terms of permeability and selectivity, with applications in oxygen enrichment for medical equipment, the steel industry and in non-ferrous metallurgy, paper industry, and many chemical processes.