Green Hydrogen
from Ammonia Cracking

Non-Precious Metal Ammonia Cracking Catalyst

Green ammonia is a safe, affordable and efficient hydrogen carrier that enables clean and carbon-neutral fuels for industrial process decarbonization in industrial boiler and gas turbine applications.

With support from ARPA-E and NYSERDA, Bettergy and its partner The University at Buffalo have developed a groundbreaking ammonia cracking catalyst, substantially reducing the cracking temperature and improving the energy efficiency of the ammonia cracking process. (US Patent link and more patents pending).  For more published information click here.

Ammonia Cracking Membrane Reactor (AC-MR) System

Low-cost, fuel-cell grade clean hydrogen can be produced on-demand at hydrogen stations by integrating the catalyst with Bettergy’s proprietary hydrogen separation membrane in an AC-MR system .

The technology will reduce hydrogen cost and enable zero-carbon hydrogen production from ammonia for fuel cell power plants, fuel cell vehicles, locomotives and marine vessels, and will help to further the hydrogen economy. (US Patent link and more patents pending)

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