High Performance Long Life Air Diffusion Electrodes (ADEs)

Metal-air batteries and alkaline fuel cells are each the subject of continued research due to their high theoretical energy density, high level of safety and reduced costs. Bettergy produces long-life air diffusion electrodes (ADEs) for metal air batteries and fuel cells. Our high performance ADEs have the following performance characteristics and can be tailored to meet customer specifications.


  • High current capability  (> 500 mA/cm2)
  • Proven long life (> 12,000 hrs demonstrated)
  • Low cost non-precious metal catalyst

Bifunctional ADEs are also available. 


  • Metal air batteries in alkaline and neutral electrolyte
  • Alkaline fuel cells and alkaline membrane fuel cells
  • Lithium air batteries
  • Metal hydride air batteries¬†
  • Air reduction-based chlor-alkali electrolysis

High Performance Anion Exchange Membranes (AEMs)

Bettergy can sell or custom-make high quality, low cost AEMs for a variety of applications. The AEMs have been evaluated by an independent third party and were deemed to be the world-leading AEM technology.




  • High Ionic Conductivity: 38~45 mS/cm, 66~81 mS/cm
  • Long Alkaline Stability : > 2 Years Testing Data
  • Thickness range: 50 um ~ 65 um
  • Scaled-Up Manufacturing Process: < 1 Week Lead Time
  • Excellent Mechanical Property: Reinforced Structure
  • Low Price
  • No-PFAS
  • Alkaline membrane fuel cells (AMFC)
  • Redox flow batteries
  • Water electrolysis
  • Water treatment
  • Medical dialysis