Ionic Conductive Membranes

Redox Flow Battery Membranes

A unique nanopore engineered membrane with superior ion selectivity and low area specific resistance, the membrane is less than 10% of the cost of the current leading membrane with ion cross-over that is an orders of magnitude improvement.  Our membrane is a drop-in replacement for membranes used by Vanadium and other RFB manufacturers in Grid Scale Energy Storage and other applications, enabling significant stack cost reductions and operating improvements without large capital costs. 

Anion Exchange Membranes

A high conductivity, stable and scalable membrane for use in alkaline membrane fuel cells, water electrolysis, water treatment and dialysis applications.  The low cost membrane has superior alkaline stability and excellent mechanical strength and can be scalably manufactured in a continuous manufacturing process using an environmentally-friendly process.   

Anion Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Applications

Alkaline membrane fuel cells can be operated under high pH conditions that enable the use of non-precious metal catalysts, reducing their costs. Bettergy’s membranes for AMFCs have higher conductivity and more robust alkaline stability and are lower cost than other AEMs.


Alkaline exchange membranes are the enabling technology for the use of AEM electrolyzers.  AEM electrolyzers reduce the cost of hydrogen production compared to proton exchange membranes, which rely on precious metal catalysts. Bettergy’s AEMs, compared to other AEMs, have the advantages of high ionic conductivity, excellent alkaline and oxidation stability and low cost.  

Ion Separation Membranes

Tailored ion separation membranes that provide a microenvironment near their pore openings with an affinity to selected metal ions, allowing targeted ions to permeate while rejecting other ions.  The membranes can be used in lithium metal batteries and in water separation applications. 

Lithium Metal Battery Membranes

A flexible, high lithium ionic conductive, low cost membrane for next-generation rechargeable lithium batteries, the membrane has excellent polysulfide ion blocking capability and addresses many of the key issues inhibiting the development of extremely high energy lithium batteries. 

Lithium Extraction Membranes

A highly selective ion transport membrane for the energy-efficient and cost-effective method of recovering lithium and other valued  minerals from brines, oilfield and hydrofracking produced water and  other industrial wastewater.   The technology can reduce lithium production time by 99% percent compared to conventional methods of lithium mining such as brine evaporation.