Guy Longobardo, COO, Joins Business Leaders from Clean Energy Business Network in Washington D.C. Meetings

Guy Longobardo, COO, Joins Business Leaders from Clean Energy Business Network in Washington D.C. Meetings

Guy Longobardo, Chief Operating Officer of Bettergy, was among 30 small business leaders from the Clean Energy Business Network (CEBN)—a group of 3500 businesses, from all 50 states, working in the clean energy economy—who visited Washington in early March 2020 to meet with federal lawmakers and their staffs to discuss the need to protect and grow federal funding for the Department of Energy and for clean energy innovation; the group also met with Department of Energy officials.  Mr. Longobardo met with the Offices of Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and the Offices of Representative Nita Lowey (D-NY-17), Representative Paul Tonko (D-NY-20), Representative Danny Davis (D-IL-7), and Representative Hal Rogers (R-KY-5) to discuss Bettergy’s technologies and the importance of DOE funding.  Guy noted that “Bettergy is presently receiving funding through the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy and Department of Energy for four projects that support our energy storage and environmental technologies.  The continued robust support by Congress of the DOE’s and ARPA-E’s research funding is of critical importance to companies like ours that are working to develop innovative clean energy technologies that can enhance our nation’s energy security, improve energy efficiency and create skilled jobs in the energy sector.”

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